May 2019

We were extremely grateful to received donations from the following during May….. Thank you all

The Masons – £300

Family Wedding donations – £525

Wellingborough Town Cricket Club – £175

Mount Snowdon Climb – Tuesday 28th May

Mum & Daughter Chris & Mel McIvor took on the challenge of climbing Snowdon in memory of Kelly and raised £240 towards the Charity. At 3560 feet tall it’s the highest mountain in England and Wales so no small task. The pictures look amazing thank you so much ladies, we hope you didn’t get too many aches & pains or blisters xx

Sky  Dive –  Friday  24th  May

At 14.00 in Beccles Kelly’s good friend Hayley finally completed her Sky Dive after a previous attempt was postponed due to the weather. She raised £560 which will be going directly to MIND, a charity that we support and one that was close to Kelly’s heart. Very brave Hayley congratulations and thank you so much xx

Saturday 11th May

Wow! The turnout for the Waendal Walk on Kelly’s 25th Birthday was very humbling. We hope you had a fantastic day and by the sounds of it a long evening too some of you. Kelly would have been so proud to see so many good friends taking part. Her family are very touched and extremely lucky to have so much love and support around them. Thank you xx

Monday 6th May

Thank you to everyone that volunteered to sell cakes and wristbands at Northants County Cricket Ground where £242 was raised